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Lynyrd Skynyrd Pianist Billy Powell Dies At 56

30 Jan

My friend Curt alerted me to the sad news that Billy Powell has died at age 56. I posted a comment on Curt’s blog, but I thought I’d make a short blog post as well, so forgive the duplication.

In my high school rock band, probably 9 out of 10 songs we played were Lynyrd Skynyrd songs 🙂 I still occasionally play Freebird or Sweet Home Alabama on my acoustic.

Shortly after my high school days, I came to understand that I was a sinner and, more importantly, that Jesus Christ had paid the penalty for my sin by his sacrifice on the cross – good news indeed!

Not long after that I was attending a Christian concert and while the warm-up band was playing I noticed that the pianist was very good and sounded familiar. Sure enough, it was Billy Powell and he talked for a bit after the song about becoming a Christian.

Comments from Gary Rossington’s wife Dale in the news article above indicate that Billy continued in his faith until his death. It’s quite sad for Billy’s family that he’s gone, but the fact that he had been reconciled with his Maker before his death makes all the difference in the world.

I encourage you to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is a good presentation of it:

Two Ways To Live

British Gun Ban Backfires

22 Jan

I am continually mystified why people are surprised by the fact that confiscating guns from law abiding citizens increases crimes involving guns. Simply think about the issue from a criminal’s perspective, would a criminal prefer their victims to be armed or disarmed? Sigh.

What happened to Tony Martin needs to be understood by all naive gun controllers. Or maybe they don’t feel it’s wrong for the criminals to go free while the victim is sent to jail?

John Lott on D.C. Gun Ban Decision

Dancing Bird

8 Jan

This bird has rhythm!