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Sliding House

27 Feb

Got this from a Chris M. tweet.

50 Caliber Ricochet

26 Feb

Got this from my friend Curt’s blog, wow. “We’re not doing that anymore!”

Gospel Software, LLC

11 Feb

Almost a year ago, I formed Gospel Software, LLC with two friends from my church.

It’s been a joy to work with Jordan and Scott over the last year and we’re now to the point of beginning to heavily promote our three web applications to churches. These are two brothers I can learn a lot from – both technically and spiritually. I would be hard pressed to find two better business partners.

I just released a new version of the Gospel Software Directory a few minutes ago. I had wanted a nice online photo directory for our church for quite a while. I finally wrote a simple bare bones version a few years ago and ended up using it all the time, so I thought there might be a market for the product. Over the last year, I wrote a completely new version, and it’s now available for churches to try out and purchase.

This new version is just the beginning. I have a long list of enhancements I’ll begin rolling out over the next few months. The other two products are fantastic.

I had thought about developing a program to manage worship songs back in the mid-eighties, but I was never motivated enough to do anything about it. When Jordan showed me his SongBook application, I was blown away – it did everything I had thought of and much more. And of course it was web based since the internet had been invented since I began thinking of a similar program 🙂

Scott’s GuestView program is something I use regularly as I follow up with visitors to our church. It’s so handy and easy to use. I get an email when I need to call a visitor, then I can enter notes about our conversation, and if they’d like information from another leader in the church, I can notify the appropriate people.

I’m excited about seeing what will be happening with Gospel Software, LLC this coming year.

We do have an affiliate program that rewards both the affiliate and any church they refer. Contact me for details if you’re interested.