One Score Of Joy With The Love Of My Life

9 Jun

One score of joy with the love of my life,
How many times I’ve thanked God you’re my wife!
Joy yes, though some sorrows mixed in too,
Have only increased my love for Him and you.
Ten years times two, we both said, I do,
When the bride met the groom on the ninth day of June.
Eight years of marriage and our second arrived.
Seven days a week how our love is alive.
Almost six years in our first house, time to move down south.
Five years of union and our first came to be,
Four is our family in God’s sovereignty.
As our God is Three in One, O Blessed Trinity,
So the twain became
One flesh.

Happy 20th Anniversary Andrea!

One Response to “One Score Of Joy With The Love Of My Life”

  1. Karen Holcomb September 23, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    What a beautiful poem and tribute to your marriage. How happy your happiness makes me. Mom

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