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Cat vs. Printer

23 Mar

The Known Universe

21 Dec

Nothing Like A Good Back Scratch

18 Mar

Another gem from Curt 🙂

Dancing Bird

8 Jan

This bird has rhythm!

Dolphin Bubble Rings

22 Jan

My uncle passed on a link he received from my cousin to an amazing video showing dolphins cleverly making sophisticated bubble rings and manipulating them in interesting ways:

Battle at Kruger

25 Sep

This is an amazing video of a battle between three species, and it’s not over when you think it is. A little over eight minutes, but definitely worth watching:

Inner Life of the Cell

14 Apr

SIGGRAPH award winning animation of the inner life of the cell. To see a version with narration, click the image below, then choose the version appropriate for your internet connection speed:


Grand Canyon skywalk

9 Apr

When I first heard about the Grand Canyon skywalk a while ago, I thought it was pretty cool, but this article puts quite a damper on it.

The view and feeling of hovering were amazing. It really was the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing flight (unaided by plane or hot air balloon of course). Unfortunately, the experience had already been soured by the feeling of being taken advantage of and lied to.