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2010 Bible Reading Plan

20 Feb

I accidentally through out our family Bible plan that we followed in 2010 at the end of the year, and then realized it would be handy to have an idea of when we last studied a book of the Bible, so I’ve reconstructed it from my journal below as a record.

In addition to the Bible plan, we also worked on memorizing verses and went through a number of books. Most of these should be listed in my LibraryThing account.

  • Age of Opportunity (partial)
  • Dangerous Journey
  • The Heart of Anger
  • The Peacemaker (partial)
  • Pilgrim’s Progress (almost finished)
  • The Search for Significance
  • The Shadow of the Broad Brim
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart
  • What is the Gospel? (partial)
  • When People are Big and God is Small
Date Finished Book
January 25 Galatians
February 6 Ephesians
February 9 Proverbs
February 14 Phillippians
February 19 Colossians
March 29 Matthew
April 1 Titus
April 12 Ecclesiastes
May 15 1 Corinthians
May 29 Hebrews
July 11 Isaiah
July 12 Philemon
July 31 2 Corinthians
August 29 Mark
August 29 Jude
September 7 1 Thessalonians
September 8 2 John
September 27 1 John
October 6 2 Thessalonians
October 9 3 John
October 20 James
October 24 Genesis
November 15 Psalms
December 1 Acts
December 8 1 Timothy
December 13 2 Timothy
December 19 1 Peter
December 22 2 Peter
December 31 John (through v. 6)


19 Apr

About five years ago, in an effort to organize my library and be able to share titles of interest with other people, I created a simple XML file to catalog my books. Using an XML file allowed me to easily transform the data to be displayed on a web page, but it was time consuming since I had to type everything in by hand, and over the years it stagnated and I stopped updating it. I recently thought I’d update the file, but before I got around to doing it, a friend of mine (Chip H.), mentioned LibraryThing.com, so I checked it out.

It was incredibly easy to use – just type in the ISBN (or other info such as title), and LibraryThing will grab the rest of the data from Amazon or the Library of Congress. Alternatively, you can buy an inexpensive bar code scanner and scan the bar code on a book to save a little typing. The price is free for 200 books or less, but I found it so useful, I signed up for a lifetime membership for $19. They say the lifetime membership is $25, but when you go to pay you’re given a choice of amounts, so I naturally picked the lowest one.

You can see a partial tag cloud of my books below. I haven’t spent much time tagging, but it will give you somewhat of an idea of the type of books I have. Click on one of the tags to see a list of my books with that tag:

The full tag cloud is: here

You can also rate & review books. I found it fascinating to see which of my books were most/least in common with other people on the site. They have over 170,000 users and 11 million books in the system, so you can get some pretty good statistics. I have 48 titles that no one else on the site has (or possibly wants 🙂 ).

They provide an export capability so you can obtain a tab-delimited text file or csv file, and there are a lot of other features that I haven’t tried out, but just the ability to import book data by typing an ISBN number was enough to get me hooked.

UPDATE: the site is listed as ‘beta’, but I haven’t experienced any issues until today. Andrea just gave me a list of 130 ISBN numbers, so I used the import facility to import them all. It worked fine, and Andrea was able to tag most of the imported books, but I just discovered that the public can’t view any of the imported books. I emailed LT; I’ll be interested in seeing how long it takes them to fix this bug.

As I was typing this update, I was notified of an email response from Tim (the owner) who stated he’d take a look at it tomorrow 🙂

UPDATE: Tim has fixed the problem I had with imported books not being visible. Now there is a minor problem with tags containing & characters. I expect that will be fixed shortly.