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Sliding House

27 Feb

Got this from a Chris M. tweet.

Play Auditorium

8 Dec

Scott M. twittered about this very cool game:

Play Auditorium

Check it out.

Big Dog Robot

20 Mar

Very impressive balance and mobility. A robot from Boston Dynamics.

Surfing a Huge Wave

28 Jan

That is one huge wave!

Dolphin Bubble Rings

22 Jan

My uncle passed on a link he received from my cousin to an amazing video showing dolphins cleverly making sophisticated bubble rings and manipulating them in interesting ways:

Crayon Physics

1 Dec

I found this video of a “crayon physics” game on Robert Scoble’s site – very cool!

Animator vs. Animation

15 Aug

Here’s an awesome animation by Alan Becker. The youtube version below is a little fuzzier than the original. A lot of work went into this. Thanks to Craig McDowell for passing this along.