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Fast Food Folk Song

6 Aug

Rhett and Link are awesome 🙂

50 Caliber Ricochet

26 Feb

Got this from my friend Curt’s blog, wow. “We’re not doing that anymore!”

Soup or Bowl?

17 Feb

In case you didn’t see this during the pregame two weeks ago 🙂

Time wasters

22 Apr

Outstanding Flash based games

Flash putt-putt golf
If I remember correctly, when I played this putt-putt game back in 2002, my low score was around 27 or so 🙂

Jump a snowman into a BMW

Shave a Yeti

Blowing up a ginger bread house

13 Apr

It’s been a few days without a video of something exploding 🙂 Some friends of mine got together a while ago to explode ginger bread houses in various ways. This was one of the more effective ones:

You can see the rest of them here

Bruce Lee high speed painting

8 Apr

Click the play button to start.