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Fast Food Folk Song

6 Aug

Rhett and Link are awesome 🙂

Extreme Wingsuit Base Jumping

13 Apr



22 Mar

Thanks to a tweet from John Long:

Nothing Like A Good Back Scratch

18 Mar

Another gem from Curt 🙂

Dancing Bird

8 Jan

This bird has rhythm!

Play Auditorium

8 Dec

Scott M. twittered about this very cool game:

Play Auditorium

Check it out.

Soup or Bowl?

17 Feb

In case you didn’t see this during the pregame two weeks ago 🙂

2000 Super Bowl Commercial

2 Feb

Terry Tate Office Linebacker 🙂

Surfing a Huge Wave

28 Jan

That is one huge wave!

Bug Labs

1 Dec

This is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in a while. Bug Labs is developing some technology that should be very interesting to any geek. Another great find by Robert Scoble. The video quality isn’t high because they were recorded on his cell phone, but I’m glad he had a video capable cell phone with him when he bumped into Peter.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three