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Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

6 Aug

Tim Hawkins is hilarious in this video 🙂

Cat vs. Printer

23 Mar

Christmas Decoration

18 Dec

I got a kick out of this. I may try it out next year 🙂


Fast Food Folk Song

6 Aug

Rhett and Link are awesome 🙂

Swine Flu Precaution

1 May

My friend Bud Phillips passed along this health tip. To help avoid swine flu, don’t do this!

Don't do this!

Something tells me this is going viral…


22 Mar

Thanks to a tweet from John Long:

Nothing Like A Good Back Scratch

18 Mar

Another gem from Curt 🙂

Sleep Walking Dog

10 Mar

Got this from my friend Curt’s blog. I remember my dog having dreams too, but not quite like this 🙂

Dancing Bird

8 Jan

This bird has rhythm!

Soup or Bowl?

17 Feb

In case you didn’t see this during the pregame two weeks ago 🙂