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Extreme Wingsuit Base Jumping

13 Apr


Time wasters

22 Apr

Outstanding Flash based games

Flash putt-putt golf
If I remember correctly, when I played this putt-putt game back in 2002, my low score was around 27 or so 🙂

Jump a snowman into a BMW

Shave a Yeti

BASE Jumping

12 Apr

Today I learned what the “BASE” acronym stands for in “BASE Jumping” from the tragic article below.

BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span, earth, the four categories of objects from which one can jump in the extreme sport.

BASE jumper dies after leaping from Idaho bridge

Maybe it should stand for “beyond acceptable statistical evaluation” or “beyond any sane evaluation”…

Grand Canyon skywalk

9 Apr

When I first heard about the Grand Canyon skywalk a while ago, I thought it was pretty cool, but this article puts quite a damper on it.

The view and feeling of hovering were amazing. It really was the closest I’ve ever come to experiencing flight (unaided by plane or hot air balloon of course). Unfortunately, the experience had already been soured by the feeling of being taken advantage of and lied to.